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Before the era of internet memes, even before the dawn of mankind, the first known frog, Triadobatrachus massinoti, made its mark on our planet. This pioneering amphibian hopped through the landscapes of the Earth some 250 million years ago. From this prehistoric creature, a long line of descendants emerged that would eventually lead to the creation of everyone's beloved meme icon - Pepe the Frog.

This token is more than just digital money. It's our way of remembering the first frog, Triadobatrachus massinoti, and all the other frogs that came after it. We're honoring the amazing journey of life from the very first frogs to our favorite internet frog, Pepe. This token is a way for us to celebrate that long, amazing story that we're all a part of.



iconNFT Gifting:

Triad NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital art that habibis can gift to their loved ones. Triad tokens will be used to purchase these unique NFTs, and habibis can send them to their lovers as an apology or appreciation gift. These NFTs are mystery boxes once revealed it shows a personalized letter and Triad tokens. These NFTs have different tiers, each tier represent the depth of the apology or the amount of love and affection

iconCharity Work

One pillar of Triad token is to donate part of the funds to charity work, mainly to refugee and war affected people. Habibis can donate and vote for various charitable causes. Triad holders can also propose a verified charity event which Triad holders can vote for it, then the required funds will be allocated. Through our charity platform other projects can also donate and show there love to the people in need.

iconCommunity Focused

Triad token is a community-focused project that seeks to bring people together for a common goal. The Triad team is committed to creating a positive impact on society and making a difference in people's lives. Triad has three pillars, first to reward its holders with life changing money, to spread love through innovative NFT gifting system, and charity donation program that allow projects and holders to donate and vote.

Our Goals



Phase 01

  • Idea generation
  • Whitepaper and website building
  • Community building

Phase 02

  • Fund raising
  • Token Launching/ pancake swap listing
  • Contract renouncing/ liquidity locked
  • Marketing campaigns

Phase 03

  • Launch of the charity voting system and DAO
  • Launch the NFT gifting system
  • CEX listing.
  • Launch of first donation initiative
  • Buyback program implementation.

Phase 04

  • Further developing the platform
  • Targeting web 2 influencers/ users
  • Launch of the happiness platform
  • Getting more official charity partners


Tokenomics of


1/1 (symbiotic, with a 1/1 balance fuelling operating, marketing,and development)

Total Supply

Total Supply: 250,000,000 (A symbolic nod to each of the million years since our inspirational frog first made its mark.)

Low Transaction Fees

By operating on the Ethereum Chain network, Triad Coin leverages the low transaction fees and fast processing times of the network to provide its users with a cost-effective option that is affordable for everyone.